COM4-Breathe Disposable Mask FFP2V (Valve)

This FFP2 valve has a high filter efficiency Low breathing resistance head strap(textile rubber band) light weight, foldable and easy to carry. Filters out more than 94% of harmful substances. (SABS)

Colour: Green

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The half masks have been tested and homologated in accordance with EN 149:2001 and SANS 50149:2003. They reduce the amount of harmful particles in the inhaled air. they can be used to protect against solid and liquid nonvolatile particles resulting e.g. from grinding, polishing, brushing, sawing or mineral processing.

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Product Features

• Flat fold disposable.


• Particle filter: charged non-woven material.
• Head strap: natural rubber latex covered with woven textile.
• Nose clip: tinplate, free of aluminium.
• Nose seal: none.


• The filtering face piece consists of several material layers of non-woven materials, partly with electrical charge.


• 155mm x 115mm.


• AZ2007/09 homologation approval, tests carried out and granted by accredited and notified institute SABS – South African Bureau of Standards.

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