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The right equipment can save your life!

Properly protecting yourself from serious personal injuries. This article is a summary designed to inform every user about the importance of using safety products for any project.

Written by Michael Panish, Construction Expert Witness

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The purpose of wearing protective products should make perfect sense to everyone. It is important that you, as the power tool user, take it upon yourself to purchase and use appropriate safety equipment. Many big box stores gladly sell potentially dangerous power tools to anyone. Normally, there is not any verification to see if the new power tool buyer has proper training, safety equipment or enough information to use the tool safely. While there is no law regarding regulating the purchase of most dangerous tools, even a simple hammer can create bodily injury if not used properly. It is not the responsibility of a store to enforce the usage of safety equipment, but it seems that it would be a good policy to inquire with the new tool buyer whether or not they are prepared to safely use their new tool and have proper safety equipment. Major life threatening injuries can result from the improper usage of power tools and even small hand tools. It is important to remember to use any necessary safety equipment that would protect you from injury while using a specific piece of equipment. Personal safety is the responsibility of the individual. Safety information and products are available online and in trade publications and journals that offer construction related products.

Mike has been designated by Plaintiff and Defense as construction expert witness in jobsite injury and accident cases resulting from improper or unsafe tool usage, inappropriate safety precautions, and hazardous working conditions. He has been called upon by insurance adjusters and claims representatives to evaluate the jobsite conditions and assist them in determining the reason for the claim or injury. In addition, insurance claims adjusters have called upon him to help them analyze the causation of fires and floods that have resulted from incorrect usage or mishandled tools and equipment. Mike has been an invaluable part of the team representing the Plaintiff when a claim of unsafe and reckless behavior on the part of the employer was determined. He has provided his expert services in defense of claims that have limited the Defendant’s liability in other cases. His past experience in the trades has allowed his evaluations to carry significant weight during mediations and arbitration hearings. The vast majority of cases where he was the retained construction expert have settled favorably for his clients. A full list of Mike Panish’s construction expert witness services is available on his website at www.ConstructionWitness.com.