Carbon Vision

Low profile, wrap around design with an innovative frame, strap and material the soft seal protects protects against dust, splashes and mechanical hazards. Easy and hygienic cleaning due to detachable frame and lens. Excellent anti-fog performance.

Frame Colour: Black/Grey
Lens: PC Grey or PC Clear

Data Sheet
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  • lightweight at 46 grams, with high mechanical stability
  • with uvex supravision extreme coating: extremely scratch-resistant exterior, permanently anti-fog interior
  • frame in black, grey
  • PC lens, clear

Additional information

General features

• small goggles with maximum protective features.
• lightweight at just 46 g.
• easy to combine with other PPE – such as helmets.
• frame colours: black, grey.
• PC lens, clear.

Protection features

• certified to EN 166 (personal eye protection) and EN 170 (UV filters).
• labelling: W 166 34 B CE – 2-1.2 W 1 B KN DIN CE.
• reliable UV 400 protection.
• low volume frame and high mechanical strength (B: 120 m/s).

Comfort features

• scratch-proof on the outside, permanently fog-free on the inside (uvex supravision extreme).
• best panoramic view without tunnel effect due to the close-fitting lens.

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